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Creative and Fun Tips for Using Repetition in Photography

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This article will explore six creative and fun tips for repetition in photography.

Photography takes the three-dimensional world and puts it onto a two-dimensional surface. Through this process, we can see shapes and forms in different ways. We create rhythms and patterns from the world around us.

An effective way of doing this is through the use of repetition. It can be the repetition of color, pattern, scale, or form.

Zoom in on Repetition to Create Abstract Scenes

If you look around in most places, you will likely see repetition:

  • blades of grass
  • tiles on the floor
  • apartment buildings
  • landscape details, etc.

These are all usually found in the company of another in the same form.

By zooming into these elements, you can capture a simple pattern emphasized by the photographic composition you choose to take. You can photograph these patterns either straight on or at an angle. Each method will provide a unique look at the subject you direct your lens at.

The absence of any other form will make the photo more successful. So it is best to have a long lens for this composition technique. That way, you create an abstract look at the world and take the objects you focus on out of context. This can be fun to experiment with and can give you a newfound appreciation for your environment.

Use an Element to Break Repeating Patterns

Once you have found these patterns, it can be fun to go against the grain and introduce a new element into the frame. Think of a hot air balloon amongst the clouds or a frog poking its head out of a pond filled with cress. This composition technique will add special focus to the subject.

This method is excellent when photographing portraits or models for a fashion shoot. If you choose your location carefully, you will put your model in an entirely new setting. This aesthetic can give the impression of a new world—a place where only your model exists.

Again, it will most likely be easier to achieve this effect with a long focal length lens. Doing this keeps any unwanted elements out of your picture.

Uncover Repetition in the Rhythm of the World

Sometimes a repeated process or action can produce interesting effects. I’m sure everyone knows the pattern of rings that rainfall causes on a puddle. I’m sure most people have seen cars speeding down a motorway. To capture this repetition, one can take that action and make something new out of it.

By studying these elements, you can uncover repetitive patterns. Use photography to freeze or lengthen the time. The freezing of water droplets can show geometric, swaying patterns. Long exposures of planes taking off at an airport create light trails that disappear into the sky.

Finding these hidden patterns in repeated actions and photographing them in a way that creates a new image can be a lot of fun. The more creative you get, the more you will get out of the photos.

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